We like life in the country!

Land is the warm weekly magazine about modern life in the country with family, home, business enterprise and community. Half a million responsive readers find inspiration and understanding of everything that interest them: Home, garden, food, health, culture, travel and cars. Useful fun – every week!

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Magazines for the most passionate readers

Our magazines take people's free time seriously. Everyone interested in hunting, fishing, dogs, horses or tractors will find a favorite among our titles. Your free time is our passion.

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Business owners who own our land and our forests!

Every day they make important business decisions, they preserve and develop our land and our forests. They get the wheels turning outside the big cities and they run and renew their businesses within the Swedish agricultural and forestry sectors.

Our magazines on forestry, agriculture and contracting reflect large and important industries. The magazines have high credibility and each edition has many readers. They set the agenda for what is discussed within in the forestry and agricultural fields. Print is still going strong but we are also in the process of expanding the magazines´ digital supply of news and services.

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